Do you know the 21 ingredients that go into Gran Canaria cuisine?



A tomato that travels across Europe is one of them. There is a tomato that wends its way all around Europe. It disembarks at ports such as Southampton and Rotterdam on the so-called (by Canarians) “fruit boats”, and from its harbours and warehouses come lorries to deliver to all the markets, fruit stalls and supermarkets on the old continent. If we were talking about a film and turned the clocks back, we would surely find ourselves in a little village with houses scattered around the mouth of a ravine, flanked by steep pointy mountains.

At the seashore lie a pebble beach and a large pond, completely silent for 364 days a year and packed with revellers on just the one day. Inland, a succession of reservoirs adorn a steep and rocky terrain.

More information about all the 21 ingredients on an Island of flavours:

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