The Norwegian Bama group chooses the Canary Tomato


BAMA-Gruppen AS is the largest importer and distributor of fresh fruits and vegetables in Norway. The company has been holding for several years an event that rewards the best international supplier of the year, the implementation of five key factors for the Group.

The Canarian Tomato was one of the three finalists. BAMA award is awarded to the company that best demonstrates excellence in five key areas: quality of product, orientation and development of market, ethical and environmental practices, as well as quality and reliability of service.

COAGRISAN, suppliers of tomatoes to BAMA has an account with 139 acres of high-tech, AENOR certifications, GlobalGAP, BRC, seal contract, Integrated production, increase of surface to the ‘zero waste’ and a production that exceeds the 20 kg/m2, obtaining 24 millions of pounds by campaign.

President of COAGRISAN, Juan José de el Pino, said that for the Union that represents, being finalist is a prize in itself. We are competing in the ‘League’ of the best and having got this far means that we are doing very well.

On the other hand, the director-general of COAGRISAN, Jacinto Godoy, explained that the Bama Group received an average of claims of its suppliers of the 2,6%, being the concerned to COAGRISAN of the 0,5%, transport delays due to bad weather.

The tomato of COAGRISAN enjoys an exceptional reputation among Nordic consumers for almost twenty years, Swedish and Norwegian, mainly, This is known thanks to the increases in sales and demand for this tomato, that are taking place in recent years, noted Fortune fruit Continental officer, Gert-Jan Slobbe.

Having got this far is the result of professionalism, the dedication and passion of the farmers of COAGRISAN, working every day to exceed the expectations of customers. Our tomatoes demand exceeds the offer that we have. We are missing tomatoes to meet the requests of our customers, the director-general explained.


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