A tomato has more DNA than we do!!



A group of plant geneticists from 14 countries found that the tomato has 25% more genes than we do. Thus scientists traed to decode the DNA sequence of the tomato genome and found that the tomatos has about 31,000 genes, and humans about 20,000.

Not only tomatoes, but potatoes, onions and rice have more genetic omplexity than us. They discovered it when they wanted to create better tomatoes. In humans, the genetic material is created through a method called alternative splicing, which is a complex process of assembling the DNA components.

Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) is an economically important crop and a model species for genetics and fruit development. It is a member of the Solanaceae family, together with potato, pepper, and tobacco among others. The genome sequence of tomato will be of great value to both researchers and breeders working on this species, and will function as a gold-standard reference sequence for all Solanaceous species.

The tomato genome has an estimated size of 950 Mb and consists of twelve chromosomes. Its nuclear DNA is organized in distal, gene-rich euchromatin (approx. 250 Mb) and repeat-rich, gene- poor heterochromatin.

The genetic complexity helps the plant for survival. They cannot move to run away from danger, so genetic versatility gives them a way to adpat to changes.

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