Canarias: home of the tomato


The Canary Islands are now known throughout Wurope for their rxcellencent climate and beaches and the high quality of their modern tourism and leisure facilities; but they are also famous for tomatoes. The fruits and vegetable sector in the Canary Islands is splits in many small, high-cost properties. Family-owned properties are predominant in the Islands’ four major agricultural concerns: vegetables, sweet fruit, citrus fruits and tropical fruit. It is in these sub-sectors that large growing operations are starting to emerge. These structural features mean Canary Islands producers and distributors have to concentrate on product quality.


Wide-ranging and diverse: these are the words that best describe Canaries fruit and vegetable growing, with tomato being predominant. The market-garden crop per excellence is the tomato. It employs the most people and takes up the most arable land. For several decades now, Europena greengrocers have sold Canary Islands tomatoes in winter: the fruit is round, small to medium in size, bright red and very flavoursome. In recent years, cultivation has increased its surface area significantly using substrates and automatic fertiliser and irrigation Systems. Besides the tradicional Canary Islands tomato variety, vine tomatoes have been introduced. The islands also grow cherry and cocktail tomatoes, which are much smallr in size and have their own market niches. The larger “beef “tomatoes are also produced, but are less important for the export market.

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