“The sunshine makes all the difference in the taste”. An interview to Natalie, winner of a trip to Fuerteventura



Natalie is the winner of a week in Fuerteventura, after shooting a splendid photo with tomatoes as main characters. We wanted to ask her how was her week in this beautiful island, how the photo was made and what she thinks about Canary tomatoes. Here we have her answers.

Hello Natalie. How was your week in Fuerteventura? Did you like your welcome by the authorities? What did you like the most from the island and its culture?

My week in fuerteventura was great. We were warmly welcomed by the organizers of the trip at the airport. We had the opportunity to ask questions about fuerteventura and what to do on the island.

The best with the island I must say was the beach outside corralejo were we stayed. The hotel was right on the beach and we had a fantastic view over the sea and the sand dunes.

To win that prize you made a fantastic photo. How was the idea and how did you do it?

I wanted to do something personal with a story. It was winter in Sweden and thought I was a good contrast to put the tomatoes in the snow and long for the summer. To make them nice looking I knitted a hat and a scarf for them. And voila.

So tomato is an ingredient you use for cooking. What advantages can you tell us about eating tomatoes? In which meals do you use it? Can you tell us any secret about a recipe?

I think the best with tomatoes is that they are delicious. On top of that they are healthy! For example I use tomatoes in my pasta sauce, but mostly I eat them as they are in a sallad or on my sandwiches.


In the shopping, how can you differentiate a Canary Tomato from the rest? Now that you know the islands do you recognise the sun in the taste?

Of course! The sunshine makes all the difference in the taste.

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